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2024-CW11 notes

Memory usage of 1Password 7 and 8 🔗1Password 7 with main window open on MacBook Air 13’, 2018 1Password 8 with main window open on MacBook Pro M1, 14' Besides the difference in total memory usage 1Password 7: 102 MB 1Password 8: 519.8 MB which is 5 times more, 1Password 8 has 71 threads? Wow. Write performance of encrypted SD card 🔗When I encrypt the whole SD card using APFS, I get 5 – 10 MB/s write performance.

2024-CW10 notes

MacBook Air M3 vs MacBook Pro M3 🔗Update 2024-03-10 🔗It seems MacBook Pro M3 will be able to operate two external displays via software update. Apple should enable MacBook Pros with Pro silicons to operate three external displays with lid closed. The new MacBook Air M3 supports two external displays with the laptop lid closed which Apple should have done from the very beginning for laptops with Apple Silicon: However, the MacBook Pro M3 does not seem to support two external displays with lid closed:

2024-CW09 Notes

Future Software Should Be Memory Safe Reddit discussion

2024-CW07 notes

C++ interop Mixing Swift and C++ Google throws $1M at Rust Foundation to build C++ bridges Mozilla lays off 60 people, wants to build AI into Firefox free nginx: Ars Technica article

2024-CW06 notes

StringZilla: Up to 10x faster strings for C, C++, Python, Rust, and Swift, leveraging SWAR and SIMD on Arm Neon and x86 AVX2 & AVX-512-capable chips to accelerate search, sort, edit distances, alignment scores, etc 🦖 Why do we need monads?: Nice explanation. ARM64 assembly: I should learn at least the basics of assembly… ARMv8 AArch64/ARM64 Full Beginner’s Assembly Tutorial HelloSilicon: An introduction to assembly on Apple Silicon Macs. Writing ARM64 code for Apple platforms

2024-CW05 notes

Massive Operation Smuggling Semiconductors from US to China Uncovered: Reddit post Company A? 🤨 Bahn: Administrator für Windows 3.11 gesucht Reddit post I think I’ve never used Windows 3.11. Dreamt seems to be the only English word ending with mt according to English for Students Reddit post The site has many interesting questions answered. Moving away from CDK Reddit post Re: [PATCH] eventfs: Have inodes have unique inode numbers Reddit post I don’t understand the technical context, but does the mailing list censor or did Torvalds self-censor f*ck?

2024-CW04 notes

Some reactions to Apple’s policy changes to comply to EU’s DMA 🔗 Mozilla says Apple’s new browser rules are ‘as painful as possible’ for Firefox Alternative browser engines are not allowed on iPadOS, but only on iOS? And only in EU? 😑 Spotify: Apple’s Proposed Changes Reject the Goals of the DMA Epic’s comment on Twitter Example fee calculation If you make less than $0.57 per user—which is most apps—you will end up negative and you will owe Apple money.